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Eric Joranson
MoneyMix Contributor 

Wow. Another bowl of Ramen noodles for dinner, eh? For 11 cents a pack, the price is right, though. You've quickly dubbed it the "Summer of Ramen" because, thanks to those tasty noodles, you've subsidized your nightlife and made rent last month. 

Tonight, just like every other night, you rip open a bag, turn on the stove, and add water. As you wait for the water to boil you realize you've got time to slip out and pick up beer for Saturday night's shindig. 

Your kitchen - destroyed. Living room - gone. No worries... you've got renter's insurance, right?

While you're there you get chatty with the cute blonde behind the counter. You're not rushed. What... to get back to your Ramen? When you finally stroll back to your pad you smell something burning. 

Somehow you turned on the wrong burner and that box of plastic forks sitting on top of it lit up like the fourth of July. Your kitchen - destroyed. Living room - gone. No worries... you've got renter's insurance, right?   

frugal use of noodles

You're smart to eat Ramen instead of rainbow trout. Peanut butter and not primo caviar. But you should be just as prudent about lining up simple renters' insurance.  

The truth is most 20-somethings don't bother enrolling in any sort of renter's insurance. And when someone breaks into their apartment and steals their stereo, laptop and bike, they're in a tough spot. But with renter's insurance you'll likely be covered for any loss, theft or damage out of your control. The policy itself is not very expensive. It's quick and easy, and you'll probably get a discount if you pair it with your car insurance. 


Published December 24, 2007

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I finally got renters insurance last year after 8 years of renting. It's the best decision I made. Now every time I leave for a trip, I can rest assured that even if my apartment building is burned down when I come home, at least I'm covered!

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