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Friday, October 24, 2014 |

Interviewing Skills

I was recently promoted at work to a position where I’ll be managing someone—something I’ve never done before. While I have a lot of leadership experience, I’ve never been in a managerial role where I’m responsible for someone.

Before I can even worry too much about being a manager, I need to focus on hiring someone. While we have a couple recruiters at work, I am responsible for performing the interviews and making the final decision. I’ve been on the other side of interviews plenty of times and I’ve been part of a team interviewing a candidate, but I’ve never conducted an interview myself.

To prepare myself, I’ve reached out to some colleagues for help. I talked with our training team who recommended a couple online courses to take to learn more about the interview process including sample questions and what can and cannot be asked during the interview. They also sent me a couple other resources to review.

I’ve also talked with my boss for some advice since he has been interviewing for years. Our recruiting team gave me some questions to ask, and they also showed me how to get questions from a candidate’s pre-interview tests.

I’ve been taking all this advice and using it to prepare myself. I keep a running list of interview questions with my work stuff. I’ve also been reading online articles and will likely do a couple practice interviews before my first official one.

While I’m excited about this new opportunity, I’m also a little nervous about it. I know I can do it—I just want to make sure I’m prepared and do a good job.

Have you ever been an interviewer? What tips do you have?

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