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Monday, November 17, 2014 |

Credit Unions Offer Military Spouses A Great Place to Work

When you first move to a new base, there’s a few stages of the transition. Fixing up your new home, meeting new people, and exploring the new area are some of the firsts.

Once you’re finally settled in, you probably start thinking about where you will work. And honestly, for military spouses the job market options can be… slim pickins. There are some resources out there to help you find a job in your new town, and even to explore some career options that handle the constant moves better. The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP)—we do love our acronyms—is a great resource. It’s part of the larger Spouse Education and Career Opportunities also known as…wait for it…SECO.

The parent program SECO offers many resources ranging from counseling to help with resume building. The MSEP helps with some of this but more importantly it includes a searchable database of ‘partners’—or military-spouse friendly companies. These companies have taken an interest in hiring military spouses and are often a great choice to gain experience for a ‘portable career.’ One of the honorable mentions in the list tend to be credit unions.

Institutions like Navy Federal Credit Union often recruit in military bases and are very military-spouse-friendly employers. The customers they serve are military and it helps to have employees with the inside scoop on military life. Plus it is another way that they can show their commitment and support to the military men and women that they serve.

If you’re looking into making your career a bit more ‘portable’, check out the links below and consider visiting your new base’s credit union to scout for employment opportunities. It could be a good way to stay close to home, serve your neighboring military family, and gain experience for a career that you could take with you on your next move.

Info on SECO here (link is external)

Info on MSEP


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