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Tuesday, September 9, 2014 |

Job Options for Military Spouses

One of the drawbacks of moving around a lot in the military is the spouses’ job stability. While there are many programs and initiatives to hire more military spouses, the truth is that an employee that you might have to replace in a couple of years, or even a few months, is not as marketable as someone who has long-term potential. But there are many resources out there for military spouses to add more marketability and flexibility to their careers. One way of doing that is opting for a job that you can get on or around a base.

Have you ever visited your base’s Readiness Center? Every base has one, although it goes by different names depending on the branch. Either way, it’s the one-stop shop for resources—including financial counseling. And there is a great program that offers military spouses a scholarship to become an accredited financial counselor. This gives you a great advantage—since at every base they have a resource center which employs financial advisers. There are many other opportunities for a financial adviser, this is just one of them. Quite a few of the accredited financial advisers who use this scholarship end up working either at a resource center or in the local military credit unions—helping military members manage their finances better. Visit this site for more info.

Another option for a job that offers more flexibility is tax preparation. Tax preparers have a boost of business around the beginning of the year, and the rest of the time it is pretty slow. But one thing is for sure—tax preparers are marketable. If you don’t need the money, check at your credit union to see if it has a volunteer income tax assistance program. You might be able to offer your services to this program.

There are a multitude of jobs that a military spouse can focus on to ease the difficulty associated with finding new employment after each move. The key is to find something that will be needed no matter where the military takes you.


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