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Thursday, July 17, 2014 |

More Sleep = Better Employee?

On average, I get about six to seven hours of sleep. I go to bed pretty late, get up late, and usually feel tired throughout the day. On the weekends, I stay up even later, sleep in really late, and still feel tired. Then Monday comes around and I feel exhausted throughout the day. It’s a never ending cycle that has left me tired all the time.

While I know my lack of sleep affects my health, I never really thought it was affecting other areas of my life. According to a recent article, my lack of sleep may be affecting my work. Since I can’t remember the last time I felt fully rested, I can’t know what my work would be like if I wasn’t tired all the time.

The article goes on to talk about how workers in our society tend to think it’s a good thing to survive on less sleep. It means you’re up and working for more hours of the day so you’re more productive. But, as the article argues, just because you’re up longer doesn’t mean you’re more productive. People that are overtired can be less focused and less alert. The author cites a study based out of Stanford that shows the effect more sleep has on athletes. The more sleep the athletes got, the better their performance and energy levels.

So, could getting more sleep actually be a better thing for your career? The author thinks so. While you’re not necessarily awake as many hours in the day, during those hours you are more productive because you have better focus, energy, and motivation.

I think I found this study so fascinating because I never really feel any less productive when I’m tired. Yes, sometimes when I’m really tired, I can get distracted easily and bounce from project to project without getting anything accomplished. And yes, when I stay up late, I tend to get up late and rush through my morning to make it to work. But I still get everything I need to accomplish done, even if it’s last minute.

One of my goals for the year is to get healthier and one area I need improvement in is my sleep schedule. I know that more sleep means better health and energy. But I never thought this could make me a better and more productive employee too.

How long do you sleep? Do you think more sleep and being less tired makes you a more productive employee?

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