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Friday, March 6, 2015 |

Get Hired: Before The Interview

Congrats! You made it past the application process for that swanky new job. (Well of course you have; you read The Cover Letter and The Résumé). Now they’ve called you for an interview. Here’s some quick tips for rocking that first face-to-face impression, before you even get there.

Practice Answers: If you have ever interviewed before, even a mock roll-play thing in high school, then you know some of what to expect. Even a seasoned interviewer will be sharper by preparing smooth, concise responses to basic questions. Try doing a quick search for “interview questions”.

Learn About the Company: Be prepared to answer questions like, “what most attracted you to us?” Also, learning about the company is a great way to target your other answers. You’ll get a feel for what they value, so you can mix in those key words and examples.

Dress Appropriately: I think this is obvious, and yet I saw a gal show up in jeans for an interview last week at my credit union. If you are applying for a job as a welder, a mill worker, a pipe line engineer, then jeans are probably OK. For most other positions, even if the overall atmosphere seems casual, slacks (or a skirt) is what I’d recommend. Basically, if you know what the employees wear, dress a step above that for the interview.

Be on Time: And by this I mean be early. If your interview starts at 10:00, don’t plan on being there “by 10″. What if parking sucks? What if traffic is a nightmare? Plan on arriving at least a little early. 5 minutes is decent, 10 is good. 30 might be crazy.

Come on back, now, ya hear? for some “During the Interview” tips.

Until then, one of my favorite nerdy hobbies is hearing the craziest interview questions ever asked. What is the strangest Q that’s ever been thrown your way?

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