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Monday, January 14, 2013 |

Overcoming the Fear

A while ago, I wrote about potentially starting a little side business selling cake pops and baked goods. The biggest thing holding me back was the fear of failing. The fear that if I started, it wouldn’t succeed and I would look foolish.

This fear is powerful. I imagine that many people who are thinking about starting a business have this fear. Some are better than others at overcoming this, and more than likely, those are the people who actually go for it. The ones who don’t overcome the fear, probably never take the leap.

I’m not sure which side I fall into, but after some debate and back and forth with myself (I’m a pretty good self-debater), I decided to give myself a chance.

It wasn’t an easy decision and I still think about failure daily. But I’d taken the leap and to make it successful, I needed to put myself into it and be confident. One of the biggest ways I’ve overcome this fear is by enlisting support of others and pushing negative thoughts out.

Once I made the decision, I shared it with my co-workers since they had always been a big supporter of me and my baking (especially when I brought in samples). They gave me some tips and even helped promote my cake pops and desserts. One of my friends helped design a logo and develop a poster and a business card.

To build up interest, I brought free samples of my cake pops to work for others to try. I received a lot of positive feedback and sold some orders. Then I developed a Facebook page and encouraged others to share the page with their friends.

With the holiday season, I received a lot of orders and even had some repeat customers. This helps build my confidence with what I’m doing and the product I’m selling. It’s encouraging me to try new recipes and reach a wider market. I’m even looking into the logistics of shipping orders.

Now, a new concern is scalability and maintaining balance. I don’t want to be so busy that I’m not doing anything besides work—both with baking and at my full-time job. I also don’t want to leave my full-time job to work on my baked goods business completely.

I’m really enjoying this side business I’ve started, and even if things don’t work out in the long run, I’m OK with it. I’m having fun, making some extra money, and doing something I love. Right now, that’s enough.

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