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Monday, September 22, 2008 |

Where Should We Put All Of This Stuff?

Since we’ve been engaged we’ve been through all of the obligatory parties and showers that people have thrown us. We are flabberghasted at the generosity of our famillies, as many have chosen to give us multiple gifts! The problem is that we’re running out of space in our apartment to put it all!

One of the problems about our apartment is the lack of furniture. We have nice serving platters, some china, and linens that are tucked away in various places or on the floor of our apartment. Our dining room table is small and is currently being used as a staging area for various projects and mail table. Our third bedroom is now being used as a closet.

In the future we’re going to look into buying china cabinets, buffet tables, and other nice furniture storage. We’re not sure if we’re going to purchase those for this apartment or if we’ll wait until we find another place. Whatever we do, it will sure feel good to be able to walk around our apartment!


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